Serbian traditional cooking was exposed unther the influence
of the two extremely different cultures - east an west trough ages.
This is a fairy tale about "KAJMAK", "GIBANICA"
and something more...

  • 2 heads of sour cabbage
  • 800 grams ground meat mixed
        (pork and beef)
  • 1 kg smoked meat by jour choice
        (ribs are perfect)
  • 300 grams of smoked beacon
  • 1/2 cup minute rice
  • 2 heads red onion
  • paprika powder
  • salt and pepper

  • Cabbage rolls are the best if you prepare them in BIG quantity and that shouldn't be a problem because they are very tasty even if you want to reheated later on.
    For good cabbage rolls is very, very important what kind of sour cabbage quality you will chose. Leafs HAS TO BE medium size and not hard on touch without strong and heavy streams, as well to be golden-yellow color.

    Separate every and each leaves from cabbage head and remove the bottom side and hard part by knife. Use only good size leaves which you will be able to roll over. If you cut the rest of cabbage head on quarters, put those on the bottom of boiling pan, as well you have to leave few enough big leaves to cover top before cooking.

    To make shore, taste for your self sour and salt level in leaves, and if is too sour or too salty, washed out by cold water.

    If cabbage is prepared, next is filling to be done:

  • Finally chopped the onion.
  • Take a half of beacon and cut on small cube shape pieces.
  • Wash the rice few times in water.

    Put some vegetable oil in pan and warmed up, add onion and make them to be nice gold-yellow color, then add mixed ground meat together. Myself, I usually mix 2:1 BEEF - PORK. If you wish, you can use only beef, but don't use only pork!
    When the meat is half broil, add salt, pepper and paprika powder and at the and add beacon cubes. Mix it well and take it from oven. Somebody add i this mixture one egg, to compact it. I don't!, With egg fill will be too solid. But if you wish, you can do it.

    Put the cabbage leave on your palm and on the middle of the leave put some fill. Lap leave bottom (the root side) up, than lap one side to cower a fill and made cabbage roll. Push the top of roll inside it. There is a story that the SARMA is roll well when you can hit it up, and the roll stay solid. However, you haven't to do things like that.

    Assort rolls closely one by another, thill you comply one layer. Thread beacon slices between rolls. Furl smoked meat, cut into the smaller peaces, ower that layer. Than assort another layer. At the end assort rest of the beacon an smoked meat over the rolls. Overflow SARMA with cold water to the top off cabbage rolls. Cover all with cabbage leaves.
    Put the pot back on the oven (heated on high temperature), to boil. Then lower temperature on minimum, lid the pot and cook SARMA at list 2 - 3 hours. SARMA is better when it is outlast cooked. Don't add water - SARMA can't be ower mach mess.

    My suggestion: serve SARMA with mush potato. Apropos, SARMA and mush potato is my favorite combination, and SARMA IS MY FAVORITE!

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